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Case and carton sealing


25 kg.


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Products  SV-325
Type  Hot Melt
Mains Applications
  • Case and carton sealing
Base  Ethylenevinyl acetate copolymer
Appearance  Pellet


     1. Normally we apply the adhesive on one side of the substrates, then put the two sides together with suitable pressure with in the open time.

     2. Please be noticed that the open time is varied with several different external factors such as operating speed , the volume of the adhesive , application temperature , room temperature and the enclosing pressure , etc.

     3. The pot must be cleaned regularly to prevent the oxidized substances from remaining in the pot . If the oxidized substances are remained in the pot , it will effect the function of the adhesive and cause poor bonding. It is necessary to remove the stained adhesive and also clean the walls of the glue pot with a scraper or paraffin wax.

     4. The adhesive can not be kept in the tank at a high temperature for a long time , for this will affect the flowing properties of the adhesive.


Storage life

     Storage life is 1 year at room temperature.


Safety and health

     Please refer to SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS).

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